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Agatha Christie often dedicated her books to people she knew or had a special relationship with. This is a compilation of her dedications. Note that American editions frequently did not carry dedications even though they were on the UK editions. In terms of the typesetting style, the presentation below follows a "typical" one seen on a book, preferably a HarperCollins edition.

Year Title Dedication
1920 The Mysterious Affair at Styles To my Mother
1922 The Secret Adversary To all those who lead monotonous lives in the hope that they experience at second hand the delights and dangers of adventure.
1923 The Murder on the Links

 To My Husband
a fellow enthusiast for detective stories
and to whom I am indebted for much
helpful advice and criticism

1924 Poirot Investigates (no dedication)
1924 The Man in the Brown Suit

To E.A.B.
In memory of a journey, some lion stories
and a request that I should some day write
the 'Mystery of the Mill House'

1925 The Road of Dreams
1925 The Secret of Chimneys

To my nephew
In memory of an inscription
at Compton Castle and a day
at the zoo[1]

1926 The Murder of Roger Ackroyd To Punkie who likes an orthodox detective story, murder, inquest, and suspicion falling on everyone in turn![2]
1927 The Big Four (no dedication)
1928 The Mystery of the Blue Train

Dedicated to
two distinguished members
of the O. F. D.
Carlotta and Peter

1929 The Seven Dials Mystery (no dedication)
1929 Partners in Crime (no dedication)
1930 Giant's Bread
(Mary Westmacott)
To the memory of my best and truest friend, my mother
(second dedication)
1930 The Mysterious Mr. Quin To Harlequin the invisible
1930 The Murder at the Vicarage To Rosalind
1931 The Sittaford Mystery

To M.E.M.
with whom I discussed the plot of this book,
to the alarm of those around us.[3]

1932 Peril at End House To EDEN PHILLPOTTS

To whom I shall always be grateful for
his friendship and the encouragement
he gave me many years ago

1932 The Thirteen Problems To Leonard and Katharine Woolley
1933 Lord Edgware Dies To Dr. and Mrs. Campbell Thompson.
1933 The Hound of Death and Other Stories (no dedication)
1934 Murder on the Orient Express To M. E. L. M. Arpachiyah, 1933.
(note: second dedication. Arpachiyah was his first independent excavation.)
1934 Unfinished Portrait
(Mary Westmacott)
(no dedication)
1934 The Listerdale Mystery (no dedication)
1934 Parker Pyne Investigates (no dedication)
1934 Why Didn't They Ask Evans?

To Christopher Mallock
in memory of Hinds

1935 Three Act Tragedy

Dedicated to
My friends, Geoffrey and Violet Shipston

1935 Death in the Clouds To Ormond Beadle
1936 The A.B.C. Murders

To James Watts
One of my most sympathetic readers[4]

1936 Murder in Mesopotamia To my many archaeological friends in Iraq and Syria.
1936 Cards on the Table (no dedication)
1937 Murder in the Mews and Other Stories

To My Old Friend
Sybil Healey
With affection

1937 Dumb Witness

 To dear Peter,
most faithful of friends
and dearest of companions,
a dog in a thousand

1937 Death on the Nile To Sybil Burnett, who also loves wandering about the world.
1938 Appointment with Death To Richard and Myra Mallock to remind them of their journey to Petra.
1938 Hercule Poirot's Christmas My dear James,

You have always been one of the most faithful and kindly of my readers, and I was therefore seriously perturbed when I received from you a word of criticism.

You complained that my murders were getting too refined anaemic, in fact. You yearned for a 'good violent murder with lots of blood A murder where there was no doubt about its being murder!

So this is your special story written for you. I hope it may please.

Your affectionate sister-in-law,


(note: second dedication)

1939 The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories (no dedication)
1939 Murder is Easy To Rosalind and Susan, the first critics of this book.

(note: second dedication for Rosalind)

1939 And Then There Were None

 To Carlo and Mary
This is their book, dedicated to them
with much affection.[5]

(note: second dedication for Carlo)

1940 Sad Cypress To Peter and Peggy McLeod
1940 One, Two, Buckle My Shoe To Dorothy North

who likes detective stories and cream,
in the hope it may make up to her
for the absence of the latter!

1941 Evil Under the Sun

 To John
In memory of our last season in Syria[6]

1941 N or M? (no dedication)
1942 The Body in the Library (no dedication)
1942 Five Little Pigs To Stephen Glanville
1942 The Moving Finger To my friends
Sydney and Mary Smith
1944 Towards Zero

To Robert Graves

Dear Robert,

Since you are kind enough to say you like my stories, I venture to dedicate this book to you. All I ask is that you should sternly restrain your critical faculties (doubtless sharpened by your recent excesses in that line!) when reading it.

This is a story for your pleasure and not a candidate for Mr Graves' literary pillory!

Your friend,

(signed Agatha Christie)[7]

1944 Absent in the Spring
(Mary Westmacott)
(no dedication)
1944 Death Comes as the End

Dear Stephen,

It was you who originally suggested to me the idea of a detective story set in Ancient Egypt, and but for your active help and encouragement this book would never have been written.

I want to say here how much I have enjoyed all the interesting literature you have lent me and to thank you once more for the patience with which you have answered my questions and for the time and trouble you have expended. The pleasure and interest which the writing of the book has brought to me you already know.

Your affectionate and grateful friend,

(signed Agatha Christie)

(note: second dedication)

1945 Sparkling Cyanide (no dedication)
1946 The Hollow

With apologies for using their swimming pool
as the scene of a murder

1946 Come, Tell Me How You Live
(Agatha Christie Mallowan)

To my husband Max Mallowan; to the Colonel,
Bumps, Mac and Guilford, this meandering
chronicle is affectionately dedicated

1947 The Labours of Hercules

To Edmund Cork
of whose labours on behalf of
Hercule Poirot I am deeply appreciative
this book is affectionately dedicated

1948 Taken at the Flood (no dedication)
1948 The Rose and the Yew Tree
(Mary Westmacott)
(no dedication)
1948 The Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories (no dedication)
1949 Crooked House (no dedication)
1950 A Murder is Announced

To Ralph and Anne Newman
at whose house I first tasted
'Delicious Death!'

1950 Three Blind Mice and Other Stories (no dedication)
1951 They Came to Baghdad To all my friends in Baghdad
1951 The Under Dog and Other Stories (no dedication)
1952 Mrs McGinty's Dead

In gratitude for his kindness
to authors

1952 They Do It with Mirrors To Mathew Prichard
1952 A Daughter's a Daughter (no dedication)
1953 After the Funeral

For James[8]
in memory of happy days
at Abney

1953 A Pocket Full of Rye

For Bruce Ingram
who liked and published my first short stories

1954 Destination Unknown

who likes foreign travel as much as I do

1955 Hickory Dickory Dock (no dedication)
1956 The Burden (no dedication)
1956 Dead Man's Folly To Peggy and Humphrey Trevelyan
1957 4.50 from Paddington (no dedication)
1958 Ordeal by Innocence

To Billy Collins
with affection and gratitude

1959 Cat Among the Pigeons For Stella and Larry Kirwan
1960 The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding and a Selection of Entrées As part of Christie's foreword: "So let me dedicate this book to the memory of Abney Hall--its kindness and its hospitality."
1961 The Pale Horse

with many thanks for the opportunity
given me to see justice done

1961 Double Sin and Other Stories (no dedication)
1962 The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side

Margaret Rutherford
in admiration

1963 The Clocks

To my old friend
with happy memories of delicious food at the

1964 A Caribbean Mystery

To my old friend
John Cruickshank Rose
with happy memories of my
visit to the West Indies

1965 Star Over Bethlehem and other stories
(Agatha Christie Mallowan)
For Hydie
1965 At Bertram's Hotel

because I appreciate the scientific
way he reads my books

1966 Third Girl To Nora Blackborow
1967 Endless Night To Nora Prichard from whom I first heard the legend of Gipsy's Acre.
1968 By the Pricking of My Thumbs

This book is dedicated to the many readers in this
and in other countries who write to me asking:
'What has happened to Tommy and Tuppence? What
are they doing now?' My best wishes to you all, and
I hope will enjoy meeting Tummy and Tuppence
again, years older, but with spirit unquenched!

(signed Agatha Christie)

1969 Hallowe'en Party

 To P. G. Wodehouse
whose books and stories have brightened my
life for many years. Also, to show my pleasure
in his having been kind enough to tell me
that he enjoys my books.

1970 Passenger to Frankfurt To Margaret Guillaume
1971 Nemesis To Daphne Honeybone
1971 The Golden Ball and Other Stories (no dedication)
1972 Elephants Can Remember

 to Molly Myers
in return for many kindnesses

1973 Postern of Fate For Hannibal and his master
1973 Poems
1974 Poirot's Early Cases
1975 Curtain
1976 Sleeping Murder
1979 Miss Marple's Final Cases and Two Other Stories

References and Notes

  1. The Secret of Chimneys: Some editions such as Bantam, Dell and St Martin's say "To Punkie". It appears these are all U.S. editions.
  2. Because some U.S. editions had "Punkie" for the previous book, they then did not have a dedication for this book.
  3. Many editions do not have a dedication.
  4. The A.B.C. Murders: Christie's nephew is also James Watts. The family called him "Jack" to disambiguate. Compare with Poirot's Christmas: there James is her "most faithful reader". Here he is her "most sympathetic". The balance of probability therefore favours James as the person this dedication is intended for.
  5. Many US editions and translations do not carry this dedication.
  6. Many US editions and translations do not carry this dedication.
  7. Many US editions and translations do not carry this dedication.
  8. Could also be her nephew James "Jack" Watts. James senior has already had two dedications.