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In the short story Motive v. Opportunity, Absalom Spragg is the husband of the American spiritualist medium Eurydice Spragg. Absalom and his wife were house guests of the wealthy Simon Clode.

After Clode made a new will in favour of his wife, Absalom called at the office of the solicitor Mr Petherick. Absalom had been shown into Petherick's office while Petherick was in the outer office taking a phone call. The purpose of the visit, according to Mr Petherick (who didn't approve of his client's new will), was to justify his and his wife's presence in the house and argue the innocence of their intentions. This interview was not very successful and Absalom left shortly thereafter.

Two months later, after Simon Clode died, Petherick opened the envelope containing the new will and was surprised to find that it contained a blank sheet of paper. Petherick remembered that Absalom had been in his office alone for a short while and that the envelope had been left on the desk at that time as he did not yet have time to put it in the safe. Absalom was an example of a person who had the opportunity to tamper with the will but did not have the motive.

Absalom is described as a thin lank man with a melancholic expression and extremely furtive eyes.


In NHK's anime adaptation Motive v. Opportunity, Absalom is portrayed in much the same way as he is described in the original story. However the voice actor behind the character is not credited.