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58 Sheffield Terrace, Holland Park, London was the home of Agatha Christie and Max Mallowan between 1934 and 1941. They lived there off and on over the years, renting it out in between. During World War 2 when Agatha Christie rented out Greenway as a nusery for evacuated children, she decided to move to London as Max was there working for Turkish Relief. Sheffield Terrace was still tenanted out so they lived for a week at a rented flat at Half Moon Street and then at a serviced apartment at Park Place. When the tenants at Sheffield Terrace asked to give up their lease, Agatha and Max moved in. However, not long thereafter, Sheffield Terrace was bombed during the Blitz. Agatha and Max were out of town that day. No. 58 itself was not hit but a bomb destroyed three houses opposite and also did some damage to the basement of their houe. Agatha and Max therefore moved to the Lawn Road Flats in Camden.

In her autobiography she wrote the address as 48 Sheffield Terrace, but 58 is the correct number.[1] The house still stands and a blue plaque commemorates its link to Agatha Christie.