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In the novel One, Two, Buckle My Shoe, 58, Queen Charlotte Street is the address of the dental practice of Mr Henry Morley and his partner Mr Reilly. Mr Morley lived upstairs at the same address, in a flat above the dental clinic. His sister, Georgina Morley also lived there with him. The address is the centre of much of the action in the early part of the book.

After Mr Morley was murdered, his practice was taken over by Mr Leatheran. Mr Reilly subsequently abandoned the practice and emigrated to America.

There is no actual Queen Charlotte Street in London, but there is a Charlotte Street in central London which is named after Queen Charlotte.

In ITV's 1992 adaptation of the novel, the location of Morley's practice (Reilly does not appear) is moved to 168 Harley Street. The filming of the exteriors are done at 84 Harley Street.

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